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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

quality-assuranceQuality Assurance / Quality Control

To meet our customer requirements, it is our policy and commitment to consistently supply a high standard of quality and integrity. We shall continually endeavor to improve performance through understanding by listening to our customers.

Our objective, through continuous improvement and innovation, is to maintain a recognized standard of quality, service, reliability, value and integrity, and to meet or exceed our customer requirements of inspection service quality.

All functions within Engineering & Inspections International is to hold health, safety, customer satisfaction and the environment as our highest priorities at all times.

qa-2Implementation of quality involves all levels of personnel in Engineering & Inspections International.

Our quality program has been developed to meet the nature of our business and the specific requirements of ISO 9002 1994.

Our objectives will be achieved by maintaining a management style of cooperation and commitment, dedicated to the support of our clients, staff, and our quality system.[/vc_column_text]

Quality Manual Program

4.1 Management Responsibility
4.2 Quality System
4.3 Contract Review
4.4 Document and Data Control
4.5 Purchasing
4.6 Control of Customer Supplied Product
4.7 Product Identification and Traceability
4.8 Process Control
4.9 Inspection and Test
4.10 Control of Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment
4.11 Inspection and Test Status
4.12 Control of Nonconforming Product
4.13 Corrective and Preventive Action
4.14 Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation, and Delivery
4.15 Quality Records
4.16 Internal Quality Audits
4.17 Training
4.18 Servicing
4.19 Statistical Techniques

Quality Procedures

QP – 4.1 Management Review
QP – 4.2 Quality System
QP – 4.3 Contract Review
QP – 4.4.1 Quality System Documentation
QP – 4.4.2 Document Control
QP – 4.5 Purchasing
QP – 4.6 Customer Supplied Items
QP – 4.7 Service ID and Traceability
QP – 4.8 Process Control
QP – 4.9 Inspection and Test
QP – 4.10 Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
QP – 4.11 Inspection and Test Status
QP – 4.12 Control of Nonconforming Service
QP – 4.13 Corrective and Preventative Action
QP – 4.14 Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservationand Delivery
QP – 4.15 Quality Records
QP – 4.16 Internal Quality Audits
QP – 4.17 Training
QP – 4.19 Statistical Techniques

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