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NDE/NDT Services

We have a large diverse group of employees and growing each year, each adding a unique background and a very diversified work experience from all over the world combined into One Great TEAM Providing Excellence in NDE and QUALITY Inspection Services to Industries Worldwide.

Services such as Power Generation, Pipelines, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Fueling Terminals, Tank Storage facilities, Offshore Drilling Platforms, Flow Lines, Pump Stations, Compressor Stations, Ethanol Blending Installations, Butane Blending Installations, Bio Diesel Installations, Ethanol Plants, Ships including Military installations such as PHNSY and the Coast Guard. We also perform work for the USACE, HAFB, Red Hill facilities and Airport Hydrant Systems.

Excellence in NDE and QUALITY Inspection

Radiography (RT)

Our office maintains complete mobile darkrooms with processing facilities to deliver immediate results prior to leaving your job site. In addition, for outer-island projects we maintain a complete portable rig with processing facilities. The unit is mounted on a trailer for mobility and feasibility of shipping to all the outer islands. Furthermore, we are the only NDE Company utilizing Fluorescent Screens and specialized film to increase production and decrease exposure time for concrete radiography. This also allows us to achieve an exposure through 14 inches of concrete.

Ultrasonic (UT)

We offer services including Manual UT Thickness Readings, Phased Array Technologies, Advanced Manual Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Sizing, Automated Ultrasonic Inspection, and A- Scan B-Scan and C-Scan with three-dimensional Viewing. Our systems are adaptable for many applications. In addition, we locally now have an AUT operator and access to many inspection systems adaptable to most any size or configuration of piping, plate, tanks and vessels.

Magnetic Particle (MT) and Liquid Penetrant (PT)

We have the capabilities to provide Wet Fluorescent and Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection with yokes, probes, and coil. We also have a P-510 mobile power pack with 4000 AMP AC/HWDC capabilities. This unit is perfect for turbine parts such as diaphragms, rotors, and large quantities of studs and bolts. We currently stock virtually all applications of Liquid Dye Penetrant Materials from solvent removable to fluorescent, as well as water washable penetrants

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